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A Brief-Xenaverse Webliography
Without Annotations

This new genre comes straight out of fan fiction created by fans of the television show Xena. Early fan fiction began partly as a reaction to what was not being shown on televion, but instead of being labeled as slash fiction it was labeled alternative fiction. Uberxena pieces were those that set the character in a modern time period, or actually created an original story that begins with the characters as they were known on the show and recreates them in different ways. These works are now published as original fiction in many of the above genres. Many of the novels remain available online, and exist as ebooks as well.
Susanne M. Beck known for her Angel and Ice trilogy. Wonderful women in prison stories. She can also be found on many sites as the author of several Xena Fan Fiction stories. AKA SwordNQuill and BladeMaster.
Mavis Applewater: known for plot, what plot? genre stories, that actually contain a plot.
K Simpson
This is a dead link.
C. Paradee
Ella Quince
Karen Malevichs page including her erotic series Working Lunch.
Online and through e-books, you can read novels and short stories at:
Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory
Lynkas Alt Fic Index (Alternative fan fiction)
Nene's Living Library (this is now a dead link).
Fade to Black: First Time Stories Xena Fiction.
The Bards Corner The Ultimate Uber List by Eileen Marks
Femfic org. hosts stories from several different television shows.
This website is currently offline.
Beyond Uber list.
The Athenaeum Fan Fiction Archives
The Royal Academy of Bards
Kodi Wolf's Lesbian Fiction.
Asheras Archives Fan Fiction and numerous links to Xena Sites.
The Mammoth Index of Xena Warrior Princess Fan Sites.
Xena Online Resources.
The Pink Rabbit Consortium. Erotic Xena Fiction.
The Sin Trade Inn. Erotic Xena Fiction. Includes BD SM.
Kancy 7s Kindred Spirit Lodge. Erotic Fiction, including BD SM.
Xena Subtextual Virtual Seasons 7 and 8.

Awards in Xena and UberXena Fan Fiction:
The Swollen Buds Award 
The Amazon Ice Awards 
Ausxip Xippy Awards 
Muzzas Fan Fiction Awards
(This is now a dead link)
Xenaverse Gold Fanfiction Awards
(This is now a dead link).

Reviews in Xena and UberXena Fan Fiction:
Lunacy's fanfiction reviews.
Slash Xena Fan Fiction Reviews
(This is now a dead link).
Blurb Fan Fiction Reviews
Casa Uber Directory including reviews.
Cees Fan Fiction Reviews
(This is now a dead link).
Nancy Amazon and Ewok. Reviews available but they are no longer updating the page.

Academics of Xena
Whoosh The Journal of the International Association of Xenaesque Studies

A History of Xena Fanfiction by Lunacy ( A librarian)
Another bit of fan fiction history
Christine Boese: The Ballad of the Internet Nutball (A Doctoral Dissertation).

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