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It has been said that young women have an idea about their sexuality near the age of seventeen. With that in mind, this bibliography was created for young women exploring and then coming to recognize their sexuality. One they have a feeling about it, they can begin to act on those feelings. These groups of young women have a wide range of reading levels, so the works range from available picture books to adult stories. Very few books listed are in the realm of erotica for lesbians, but there are some. They will be identified.


The authors on this list are mostly lesbians themselves, and are writing from the insiders position. Lesbian literature in bulk is a fairly recent phenomenon, and a look at its  history shows a past of compromise just to be published, and then sometimes poor but passionate writing by activists who needed a literature as much as we all do. In the 1970s when this began, the work was enthusiastic, and very welcome by readers, but the level of expectation by readers meant that the writing had to get better. Today lesbian writing is much better, and more widely available. Below are some possibilities for teen readers that include lesbian classic writers and writing.



Dorothy Allison


Dorothy Allison (writer, poet, editor)was born in Greenville, SC April 11, 1949.She began publishing work on small presses and writing for various GLBT newspapers and periodicals. She lends her time and energies to women and lesbians. She has been known to hang out on Pink Saturday, San Francisco's Dykes day and march usually held the Saturday before the Gay Pride (the  march on Sunday). Allison is quite a public speaker as well.


Allison, Dorothy. 1993. Bastard out of Carolina. Plume. (reprint)


She is not typically seen as a YA author but Bastard out of Carolina is a work for YA fans as well. This is the story of Bone, a young girl dealing with an incestuous relationship with her stepfather. Bone learns to be a lean mean survivor in a tough world. It is not typically lesbian, but is written by a lesbian so the sensibility is there.

Brief Biography of Dorothy Allison: Novelist, short story writer, poet.




Paula Boock


Writes predominantly for Juvenile audiences. This is her lesbian title. Boock has earned the New Zealand Post Childrens Book Award in 1998, and the Lambda Literary Award in 2000.


Boock, Paula. 1999, 1997. Dare truth or promise. Boston : Houghton Mifflin. ISBN: 0395971179


High school girls who find themselves in love, and the conflicts that they must work out between them.  Willa is in love with Louie from the moment they meet but Louie works it out a slower pace. The world will conspire to keep them apart, and the question to be answered is can they withstand the outer pressures or will they succumb and part.

This book is a Lambda Literary Award Winner (2000).

Short biography of Boock is available

Boock info


Marion Zimmer Bradley


MZB was born in Albany, NY June 3, 1930. She is Known for her work in Science Fiction / Fantasy. Her work  is  strongly feminist, and her  Darkover Series appeals to young and older lesbians. Bradley's work has long been admired by women, and the Sci Fi Fantasy genre that highlights differences and questions the worlds we think we know have always been appealing for those labeled outsider or other. A few awards she has won over the years include The Invisible Little Man Award (1977), and the Locus Award for best Fantasy Novel (1984).


Bradley, Marion Zimmer. 2002. Heritage and exile. New York, NY: Daw Books. (reprint) ISBN: 0756400651


This reprinted edition contains The heritage of Hastur and Sharra's exile.



Bradley, Marion Zimmer. 2002. The saga of the renunciates. New York : DAW Books. ISBN: 0756400929


This book contains the beloved books that lesbian fans have liked. The novels included are: The Shattered Chain (1976); Thendara House (1983); and The City of Sorcery (1984). These stories concentrate on two women: Magdalen Lorne and Jaelle. They  escape their current lives to leave what they know as civilization and set out to become free amazons. This outer journey corresponds to each character's inner journey through life. Their quest takes them through both the physical world and the spiritual world as well. These stories had been out of print so this trilogy may be the way to read them

Reviews for these stories are mixed. Some say the feminist rhetoric is difficult to take and others like the books for their portrayal of strong female characters.

MZB trust.

Catherine Brett


Brett, Catherine. 1989. S.P. likes A.D. Toronto : Women's Press. ISBN: 0889611424


In the middle of a school project Stephanie realizes she is attracted to Anne.


Rita Mae Brown

Rita Mae Brown is one of the more well-known lesbian writers today. She was born in Hanover, PA November 28, 1944. She was very much a part of the Women's Movement; contributing much to lesbian feminism. For the most part, her lesbian works and novels tend to be read by adults. Many mainstream readers know her as a writer of Mysteries with her co-author Sneaky Pie (the cat and dog books) but young lesbians probably see this classic coming out story on every lesbian's reading list available. For years it was one of the few lesbian novels you could get your hands on.


Brown, Rita Mae. 1973 Rubyfruit jungle. Plainfield, Vt., Daughters, inc.  ISBN: 0913780022


Rubyfruit Jungle is known as a classic lesbian story. The main character Molly Bolt commands your attention and tells you her story. Its bold and outrageous. Sometimes believable, sometimes way over the top, but always an enjoyable read. This is a story about a lesbian who is not at all confused about her sexual identity.





Anne Cameron


Cameron is a Canadian writer, poet who has written many tales legends, and short stories. Heres an interesting fact: she once owned a llama.


Cameron, Anne. 1982 The journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon.  ISBN: 0380790874


This book is a little gem of a lesbian western  that very few people have read. A young girl abused by her only living relative runs away. She disguises herself as a boy and meets an older prostitute who has just been tarred, feathered, run out of town, and left for dead. The two women get to know each other during their long journey on the run from  people  who simply won't let them alone. The story also contains a good coverage of the history of Women, Chinese Laborers, and Native Americans on the American frontier.

A brief bio and listing of her other works. The Journey is not listed.


Emma Donoghue


Donoghue was born in Dublin Ireland in 1969. She currently lives and writes in Canada.

Kissing the Witch was up for the James L. Tiptree Award, Slammerkin was winner of the 2002 Ferro-Gumley Award for Lesbian Fiction. Has also won a 1997 ALA book award for Hood.  She has a love for history that runs through her work in enjoyable ways.


Donoghue, Emma. 2000. Slammerkin. New York : Harcourt. ISBN: 0151006725


Donoghue, Emma. 1997. Kissing the witch:old tales in new skins.  New York : HarperCollins. ISBN: 0060275758


 Tale of the shoe -- Tale of the bird -- Tale of the rose -- Tale of the apple -- Tale of the handkerchief -- Tale of the hair -- Tale of the brother -- Tale of the spinster -- Tale of the cottage -- Tale of the skin -- Tale of the needle -- Tale of the voice -- Tale of the kiss.


Donoghue, Emma. 1999. The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Short Stories. Publishers Group West.


Donoghue, Emma. 1994. Stir-Fry. HarperCollins.


17 yr. old Maria enters Dublin University and begins to explore her identity and sexuality. She has been sharing a house with a lesbian couple who have been together for a long time. They are the catalysts to her own search for self.

Interview with Donoghue


Stacey Donovan


Donovan, Stacey. 1994. Dive.  New York : Dutton Children's Books. ISBN: 0525451544


15 yr. old Virginia's world is falling apart. Her dog is injured and her father seems to have some mysterious illness. Her best friend isn't helping her, and she meets a new girl: Jane.



Barbara Lynn Edmonds


Edmonds talks about how much trouble she had trying to sell publishers on the Idea of her books. They claimed there was no market for this work, and she thought they were wrong. She says: "I wrote these books because it was something that I truly and deeply believed in."


Edmonds, Barbara Lynn and Matthew Daniele. 2000. Mama eat ant, yuck! Eugene, Or. : Hundredth Munchy Publications. (Pre-school and up).


Edmonds, Barbara Lynn and Matthew Daniele. 1997.  When Grown-Ups Fall In Love: A book for very young children and Rush Limbaugh.  Barbys House Books.

Review for When  Grown ups Fall in Love.

brief Interview and comments by Edmonds.


Rosamund Elwin

By Elwin,  Rosamund & Michele Paulse. Illustrated by Dawn Lee. Asha's Mums. Toronto: Women's Press

ISBN: 0-88961-143-2

Age level: 3-6


The central character is Asha, who is African Canadian.  She has two mothers, but no one knows that until she has to get a permission slip for a field trip signed. There is a long discussion on it in her classroom from the moment the teacher insists that the slip must be filled out properly to the moment other classmates ask about her family. It turns out well for Asha.

A somewhat mixed review for this book


Katherine V.  (Virginia) Forrest


Forrest  is a Canadian writer who was born in Windsor, Ontario April 20, 1939. She is also Editor of Naiad Presss Lesbian Love Stories and other books, and  is a lesbian favorite. Her name is one of the few known by most lesbians you might talk to. While Curious Wine may be a stretch in the YA category, the other novels are fine. A few years ago rumors began that a movie would be made from Murder At the Nightwood Bar, and we have been waiting ever since. It is unfortunate that classic stories for GLBT members rarely make it to the big screen.


Forrest, Katherine V.1983. Curious wine: a novel .  Tallahassee, Fla. : Naiad Press.  ISBN: 0930044436 (pbk.) 


Curious Wine sometimes gets mixed reviews, but through the 1970s and 1980s, you were glad for any and all reading material. This novel leans toward erotica so the reader may want to be mature enough to deal with it.


Katherine V Forrest 1984. Daughters of a coral dawn. Tallahassee, FL : Naiad Press, ISBN: 0930044509 (pbk.).


Forrest's SciFi fantasy is about a world of women working on the creation of a new society.


Forrest, Katherine V. 1987. Murder at the Nightwood Bar. Tallahassee, FL : Naiad Press. ISBN: 0930044924 (pbk.)


Kate Delafield is a well  known lesbian character. These beloved stories have captured the imagination of many younger and older lesbians. This story has Delafield and her somewhat homophobic partner investigating the death of a 19 year old lesbian found dead in the parking lot of The Nightwood Bar (a lesbian bar). Many hate issues are looked at within the story, and the mystery captures your attention. It is also a brief introduction to lesbian bar culture.


Forrest, Katherine V. 1986. An emergence of green. Tallahassee, FL : Naiad Press. ISBN: 093004469X (pbk.)


Another love story by Forrest.


Forrest, Katherine V. 2002. Daughters of an amber noon. Los Angeles, Calif. : Alyson Books.

Sequel to Daughters of a Coral Dawn.

book reviews


Jane Futcher


Futcher is a journalist.


Futcher, Jane. 1981. Crush. Boston : Little, Brown.  ISBN: 0316297496


Story about a girls school (Huntington Hill). Jinx is reserved and artistic has a hard time feeling like she belongs. When she finally feels like she does, she runs into Lexie. Lexie is beautiful popular and outgoing. Sparks fly and trouble follows.



Nancy Garden


Nancy garden grew up as a lesbian in the 1950s.  She chose writing for YA audiences because she thinks that there is something very exciting about writing for this group as they explore life, themselves, even their sexuality. Her books have been banned, removed from libraries, and burned. Censorship has been an issue in her life and work, and it is something she fights to end.


Garden, Nancy. 1982. Annie on my mind. New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux. ISBN: 0374303665


Juvenile audience (high school) The main characters Liza and Annie  are 17. They find that the course of love never runs smooth. They must not only deal with their own feelings, but the prejudices and ignorance of others. They have many people in their lives trying to put a wedge between them. It can be hard, almost impossible work to maintain relationships under these conditions. What will Liza and Annie choose to do?

Book review for Annie


Garden, Nancy. 1999. The year they burned the books. New York : Farrar Straus Giroux, ISBN: 0374386676


Struggling with her own lesbian feelings, Jamie, a high-school senior and editor of the school newspaper, becomes aware of her attraction for new girl Tessa. In the story Jamie and her friend Terry are attacked by other students. Issue-wise Garden tosses in everything but the kitchen sink. She tackles everything  from book-burning to homophobia and censorship. Even better, she does it well.


Garden, Nancy.  1996.  Good moon rising. New York : Farrar Straus Giroux. ISBN: 0374327467


Jan (a high school teen) is an aspiring actress who falls in love with another actress while trying to put together a school play.


Garden, Nancy. 2000. Holly's secret. New York : Farrar Straus Giroux. ISBN: 0374332738


How do you fit into a new place? Can you re-invent yourself and still be honest about who you are and where you come from? eleven-year-old Holly decides to become sophisticated and feminine. She changes her name to Yvette, but hides the fact that she has been raised by two moms. She learns that it isn't easy to keep up all the lies and pretense, and that it feels rotten to leave the family you love, out of your life. Good story.


Garden, Nancy. 1991. Lark in the morning .  New York : Farrar, Straus Giroux. ISBN: 0374343381


This story tends to get mixed reviews because it is not as good a story as Garden's well-known classic Annie on My Mind.


Garden, Nancy. 2002. Meeting Melanie. New York : Farrar, Straus, Giroux.  ISBN: 0374349436


A friendship begins between eleven year old Allie and the new girl Melanie. Melanie may have a secret she is trying to hide, and she definitely has some hidden talents.


Garden, Nancy and Sharon Wooding. 2004. Molly's family. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux. ISBN: 0374350027

Fiction : Primary school p. cm.


When Molly draws a picture of her family for Open School Night, one of her classmates makes her feel bad because he says she cannot have a mommy and a momma. This story introduces the concept of lesbian parents and parenting. It also touches on how many different ways people can hurt your feelings.

Bibliography of Nancy Garden's Work

Interview with Nancy Garden


Nicola Griffith


Not typically classified as YA. Griffith writes for adults, but this is the kind of well-written work that can cross the very thin adult YA line for lesbians. Not something for your elementary or middle school library. Griffith has earned the James Tiptree Jr. Memorial Award, Several Lambda Awards, The Nebula Award, and the World Fantasy Award.


Griffith, Nicola. 1993. Ammonite. New York : Del Rey. ISBN: 0345378911


Griffith, Nicola. 1995. Slow river. New York : Ballantine Books ISBN: 0345391659


A lesbian who deals in prostitution and computer fraud, and  a rich women who has been kidnapped but escapes, work together to find out who was behind the kidnapping and why.


Griffith, Nicola. 1998. The blue place. New York : Avon Books. ISBN: 0380974460



Griffith, Nicola. 2002. Stay :a novel. New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday. ISBN: 0385503008

Interview with Nicola Griffith


Rosa Guy



Rosa Guy was born in Trinidad and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1930s. One of her Awards has been an ALA award. She is not a GLBT writer, but has one work that looks at black women and lesbianism.


Guy, Rosa. 1976. Ruby : a novel. New York: Viking Press. ISBN: 0670206288


While many enjoy the writing of Rosa Guy, the end of this story may let you down. Still worth picking up and reading though.


Deborah Hautzig



Hautzig, Deborah. 1978.  Hey, Dollface. New York: Greenwillow Books.  ISBN: 0688801706


Sadly this book is out of print. It is one of the few YA works in the 1970s to offer a story about young women. The girls are around age fifteen. They are best friends, but that relationship is developing into something much more. They are going to have to deal with their awakening sexuality. This was also a banned book.



Patricia Highsmith


Claire Morgan


Patricia Highsmith usually does not write about lesbians. She has one book that was written in the 1950s. She wrote the book under the name Claire Morgan. This book may be one of Highsmith's greatest achievements: a lesbian work with a happy ending at a time when such an ending wasn't going to be published.


Morgan, Claire. 1991 The Price of Salt. Naiad Press. ISBN: 1562800035


This book is a lesbian classic. It gives you an incredibly realistic depiction of the lives of lesbians in the 1950s. It stands out even now as one of the very few published lesbian works of the time that contains a happy ending. 


Catherine Johns


Johns, Catherine. 1994. Me mum's a queer. Stirling, S. Aust. : Epona Press. ISBN: 0646189778


M.E. Kerr


M.E. Kerr aka Marijane Meeker aka lesbian novelist Vin Packer aka lesbian novelist Ann Aldrich aka. She doesnt typically write a lot of lesbian oriented children and YA books. She does have a few, but the one often cited as a favorite is Deliver Us From Evie.


Kerr, M.E. 1994. Deliver us from Evie. New York : HarperCollins.  ISBN: 0060244755


A young man named  Parr Burrman tells the story of his sister Evie who runs off with her girlfriend Patsy Duff. Patsy just happens to be the daughter of the town banker.


Heather Lewis


Lewis, Heather. 1994. House rules. New York : Nan A. Talese/Doubleday. ISBN: 0385472102


A fifteen year old girl is expelled from boarding school and lands a job working on a horse show. For older more mature audiences. Sex, drugs, and sadism.


Mabel Maney


Maney writes parodies of Nancy Drew, The Hardy boys, and Bond (with a sister: Jane Bond) . Some like them a lot, others find them nice escapist light reading, and some dont care for these books at all.


Maney, Mabel.  1993. The case of the not-so-nice nurse. Pittsburgh, Pa. : Cleis Press. ISBN: 0939416751 (cloth)


Maney, Mabel. 1994. The case of the good-for-nothing girlfriend. Pittsburg : Cleis Press.  ISBN: 0939416905 (cloth)*


Maney, Mabel. 1995. Nancy Clue and the Hardly Boys in a ghost in the closet. Pittsburgh, Pa. : Cleis Press. ISBN: 1573440132 (cloth)


Maney, Mabel. 2001. Kiss the girls and make them spy: an original Jane Bond parody. New York: HarperEntertainment. ISBN: 0380803100


Isabel Miller


Isabel Miller is Alma Routsong. She was born in Traverse City, MI November 26, 1924. She has written a number of other books but Patience and Sarah  is another lesbian classic. Her Awards for this book include winning the first ALA Gay Book Award  of the Gay Liberation Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table. This bbok was also a Literary Guild Selection.


Miller, Isabel. 1972,1969.  Patience and Sarah. New York, McGraw-Hill.  ISBN: 0070420351 The 1969 edition is called: A Place For Us.


 Miller is primarily an adult writer, but this classic lesbian story is very well-known among insiders. Two young women run away from their families and restrictive conventions to live their lives together. They end up living together on a farm. Sarah takes on the more masculine oriented role, and Patience describes herself as "an old maid aunt."


Lesléa Newman


Leslea Newman was born in Brooklyn, NY November 5, 1955. Newman writes for many different age groups in many different genres. She works in picture books, lesbian/Jewish novels, short stories and her first love: poetry. She also holds workshops and classes for those who like to write whether they are professionals or not. Sometimes her work gets caught up in censorship controversy perhaps because she works so much within the children's picture books field.


Newman, Lesléa and  Diana Souza. 1989. Heather has two mommies.  Boston, Mass.: Alyson Wonderland. ISBN: 155583180X (pbk)  ages 4-8


Child learning about differences, and that there are all kinds of families that exist. The important thing is that family members love each other.


Newman, Lesléa and Annette Hegel. 1993. Saturday is Pattyday. Norwich, Vt.: New Victoria. ISBN: 0934678529


A young boy (Frankie) is hurt when his two moms separate, but they work out a deal so that both moms will remain part of his life.


Newman, Lesléa and Russell Crocker.  1991. Gloria goes to Gay Pride. Boston, Mass. : Alyson Wonderland.


Gloria and her two mothers join a parade during Gay Pride Day. This book received the Lambda Literary Award in 1992.


Newman, Lesléa and Michael Willhoite. 1991. Belinda's bouquet. Boston, Mass.: Alyson Wonderland. ISBN: 1555831540


 The main character is Belinda, a young child constantly teased about her weight.  Her best friend Daniel and his two moms help Belinda see her body shape as positive.


Marilyn Reynolds


Reynolds, Marilyn. 2001. Love rules. Buena Park, Calif. : Morning Glory Press. ISBN: 1885356757


Lynn is a seventeen year old whos best friend Kit comes out as a lesbian. Lynn becomes more aware as she experiences the prejudices and pain sent Kits way.


Cristina Salat


Salat, Cristina. 1993.  Living in secret. New York, N.Y. : Bantam Books. ISBN: 0553086707


Amelia is living with her father who has custody of her after the family break up, but she wants to join her mother and her mothers girlfriend in San Francisco. When her mother and her mothers partner make the move, They kidnap a willing  Amelia, and take her with them. They try to set up a new home and new identities, but how long can you run? Amelia likes the life she is living, but her father will not give up searching for them.



Sandra Scoppettone


Sandra Scoppettone's early work in YA has been critiqued both positively and negatively. She does seem to write better when she does not directly write with YA readers in mind. Her better books are aimed at an adult audience, but can appeal to that YA audience as well. Her work in YA Books may be disappointing to some lesbian readers, but were some of the earliest works available, and are still fairly good stories.



Scoppettone, Sandra.  1991. Everything you have is mine. Boston : Little, Brown. ISBN: 0316776467


Private investigator Lauren Laurano is a short Italian lesbian who loves chocolate. Scoppettone's series  books about her are well-read.


Scoppettone, Sandra. 1993. I'll be leaving you always. Boston : Little, Brown. ISBN: 0316776475


Lauren Laurano


Scoppettone, Sandra. 1998. Gonna take a homicidal journey. Boston : Little, Brown and Co. ISBN: 0316776653


On Long Island, PI Lauren Laurano investigates the murder of a man who was found hanging from a tree. The victim opposed the establishment of a fast-food chain in a town.


Scoppettone, Sandra. 1996. Let's face the music and die. Boston : Little, Brown and Co., ISBN: 0316776645


Lauren Laurano, a lesbian PI from New York City, is hired by an ex-con .


Scoppettone, Sandra. 1978.  Happy endings are all alike : a novel. New York : Harper & Row. ISBN: 0060252391


Small town prejudices are explored when the lesbian relationship between two teenage girls becomes common knowledge.


 Melissa (Elaine) Scott


Scott is not typically a YA author, but her lesbian and gay oriented  Sci Fi works can be YA crossovers.


Scott, Melissa. 1994. Trouble and Her Friends.  New York : TOR. ISBN: 0312857330


Netwalkers of the next century battle the wild world of hackers, virtual gunfights, and wiring oneself to a machine to experience the sensations of sex.



April Sinclair


Sinclair, April.  1994. Coffee Will Make You Black. New York : Hyperion. ISBN: 1562827960


Stevie Stevenson is an African American teen living in the 1960s. She explores issues of attraction, multiple identities, and sexuality in this story.


Sinclair, April. 1996. Ain't gonna be the same fool twice: a novel. New York : Hyperion. ISBN: 0786860693


Shelley Stoehr


Stoehr, Shelley. 1998. Tomorrow Wendy: A Love Story. New York : Delacorte Press. ISBN: 0385323395


The main character is 17, beautiful, and wealthybut life isnt anywhere near perfect.


Stoehr, Shelley. 1991. Crosses. New York, N.Y. : Delacorte Press. ISBN: 038530451X



Tatiana Strelkoff


 Strelkoff, Tatiana. Allison: a Story of First Love. The O'Brien Press. ISBN: 0862785596


The story of Karen and Allison. A Coming out story. Allison has support from her parents, Karen does not.  Some reviewers love the book and some were disappointed. The story deals with fear, prejudice,  and bigotry.



Valerie Taylor


This Classic lesbian writer wrote lesbian pulp fiction novels (she hates to be called a lesbian pulp novelist) at a time (the 1960s) when the only endings you could put into the story and have the work published were: the lesbian kills herself, or she falls in love with a man. She is not allowed to live and be happy being who she is.


The Erika Frohmann Series: reprinted and re-released in the 1980s by Naiad Press.


Taylor, Valerie. (1964). Journey to Fulfillment. Naiad Press.

Taylor, Valerie. (1963) A World without Men. Naiad Press.

Taylor, Valerie. (1963) Return to Lesbos.  Naiad Press.


Originally the first 2 stories were written separately about different women in Erika's life. Later Taylor was asked to write a teenage lesbian story, and since she loved the character and back story of Erika, that back story became Journey to Fulfillment, written with a teen audience in mind. Erika Frohmann is a Jewish survivor of a Nazi concentration camp.  She moves to the U.S. and meets Marilyn. Marilyn will become her first lover. In the second book Erika is now involved with Kate, and their tense relationship is explored. In the third book Erika meets Frances, a woman who has long denied her lesbianism. They create a life together.


Kate Tym


Tym, Kate. 2002. Living upside down.  London : Hodder Children's. ISBN: 0340852526


16 year old girl trying to deal with her familys break-up and her mothers new girlfriend.




Bett Williams


Williams, Bett. 1998. Girl Walking Backwards. New York: Griffin Trade Paperback. ISBN: 0312194560


Jacqueline Woodson


Jacqueline Amanda Woodson was born February 12, 1963 in Columbus Ohio to a family of Jehovah's Witnesses. Her parents were divorced shortly after her birth and she, her brother and her sister,moved to Greenille, South Carolina to live with her grandmother.


Woodson, Jacqueline.1995.  From the notebooks of Melanin Sun. New York : Blue Sky Press.  ISBN: 0590458809


Fourteen-year-old Melanin Sun's comfortable, quiet life is shattered when his mother reveals she has fallen in love with a woman.


Woodson, Jacqueline.  1997. The house you pass on the way. New York : Delacorte Press. ISBN: 0385321899


Fourteen-year-old Staggerlee and her newly found cousin Trout begin to question their sexuality.

Lois Ann Yamanaka


Yamanaka, Lois-Ann. 2000. Name Me Nobody. Hyperion Press. ISBN: 0786814667

Paperback: 240 pages ;


Deals with lesbian issues, identity issues, body image,  and more. Emi-Lou has a best friend Von who might be lesbian. Shes certainly butch enough for the part. But all Emi-Lou (named after country singer Emmie Lou Harris) wants is for her best friend to be normal





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This page is a brief introduction to what I'm working on as a writer and researcher.