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Resources and Webliographies for Women

Lesbian News

Research Resources
LGBT Directories
LGBT Media
LGBT history
LGBT Legal Sites
LGBT Sites
Lesbian Books and Authors
Lesbian YA Fiction
Xena Webliography
Jacqueline Woodson
Lesbian Specific Sites

LGBT News sites and Newspapers Online
The Washington Blade
The New York Blade
Seattle Gay News
The Atlanta Southern Voice
The Bay Area Reporter
The Philadelphia Gay News
San Diego gay newspaper
Windy City Times
Gay People's Chronicle (Ohio)
Outlook Weekly (Ohio)
Bar talk San Antonio (Texas)
--------------------------------------------------------- gay and lesbian news

Planet Out News page

Gay City USA is a Directory with  several  news links  available.
gayzoo has several news links available
Archives / Old sites
Homosexual and bisexual news NEWS ITEMS AFFECTING GAYS AND LESBIANS FROM 1996 TO 2000-SEPT.

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