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  Yolen's unannotated Webliography
  • Book of the Dales Trilogy

Yolen, Jane.  1988.  Sister Light, Sister Dark. Tor.  Amazon.Com. Contains favorable book reviews. This story was well-received by readers.

Yolen, Jane.  1989  White Jenna. Tor*  Amazon.Com. Contains favorable book reviews of White Jenna. Another well-recieved book. Readers felt much the same way as Yolen did originally: White Jenna was the satisfying end to the story and another book was not necessary.

(These two books were published together as The Books of Great Alta. A third book was published later.

Yolen, Jane.  1998.  The One-Armed Queen. Tor. Amazon.Com. Contains book reviews. A number of reviewers feel that while this book is well-written, story-wise it was a let down, as it felt unnecessary to some readers. They felt that White Jenna was the ending for the two stories.

 This Trilogy contains strong women, the idea of two: light / dark.  Each book shows that women on each side of the dualism have reasons for making the choices they make throughout the story.

  • Writing Books For Children an out of print book now titled Guide to Writing for Children.

Yolen, Jane. 1989.  Guide to Writing For Children. Writerís Inc.

I include this book because it was one of the earliest pieces of work on writing for children that I found. Yolen's advice was clear and easy to follow.

  • The Tartan Magic Series

Yolen, Jane. 1999.  The Wizardís Map.  Harcourt Brace.
Kids talk about books
Worchester (Massachusetts) Public library kids page

Yolen, Jane.1999.     The Pictish Child.      Harcourt Brace.
SuperReader's Book Review
Book Ideas Review

Yolen, Jane. 2002.  The Bagpiperís Ghost.  Harcourt Brace.
Book Ideas Review
Review by Cindy Lynn Speer.

All Three
greenman review

 These books for middle grades are well-written and enjoyable. They continue to maintain high standards of humor magic, horror, and fear. 

  • The beautiful Picture Book Owl Moon.  A Caldecott Award Winner in 1988.

Yolen, Jane.  Ill. By John Schoenherr.   1987.  Owl Moon. Philomel. Amazon.Com's book reviews of Owl Moon. Very positive reviews can be found here.

I include Owl Moon because it just happens to be one of my favorite picture books. I read it as an adult, but still loved it.

  • Wizardís Hall, a story that predates Harry Potter by some 8 years. About a young wizard named Henry (he gets re-named), at a school for wizards.

Yolen, Jane.  Ill. By Trina Schart Hyman.  1991.  Wizardís Hall

Amazon.Com Positive reviews. A very close comparison between this book and the Harry Potter books can be made. Yolen's book is not as widely known as Harry Potter, and now might seem way too similar even though it was written years before Harry Potter.

  • Yolen tackles the Holocaust with The Devilís Arithmetic.

Yolen, Jane. 1988.  The Devilís Arithmetic.  Viking.  Amazon.Com's Book Reviews

This award-winning book focuses on heros who happen to be female. One of the major questions in the story is: What is a hero? Why do we expect a hero to contain the large acts, when some of the smallest, most private acts in existence are some  of the most heroic?

  • In Briar Rose, Yolen takes the Sleeping beauty mythos to the Holocaust.

Yolen, Jane.  1992.  Briar Rose. Tor.  Amazon.Com's Book Reviews. Most of the reviews are positive  but at least one reaer had a problem with the story.


  • The Pit Dragon Trilogy

Yolen, Jane.  1982.  Dragonís Blood. Delacorte.  Amazon.Com. Positive Reviews.

Yolen, Jane.  1984.  Heartís Blood. Delacorte.  Amazon.Com. This second book in the trilogy gets mixed reviews. Some love it, and some were disappointed in it.  But Yolen's readers tend to have high expectations of her work.

Yolen, Jane.  1987.  A Sending of Dragons. Delacorte.*  Amazon.Com. Again, Yolen's third book in a series is not as well-received as the first two.


  • A picture book story of Smith Collegeís Founder Sophia Smith.

Yolen, Jane. Ill. By Monica Vachula.  1998.  Tea With an Old Dragon. Boyds Mills.  Amazon.Com's Book Reviews. The major thought is that this book has limited appeal. It may only be for those familiar with Smith College, Jane Yolen's connection to Smith college, or those who just want to read about strong women.


  • Any book of poetry by Jane Yolen.

Yolen, Jane. Ill. By Demi.  1990.  Dragon Night.  Methun. (sadly, this one is out of print.

Yolen, Jane.  Ill. By Janet Street.  Raining Cats and Dogs.  Harcourt Brace.



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